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I struggle just as much as anyone else, but this tutorial is about the projectwhich is a really great zipper bag! .
Obviously not everyone will have the exact same clips and trinkets, so I also included extra tips and ideas you can incorporate in your own. .If you make this or any other project using my tutorials I would love for you to share a pic on the Whitney Sews Facebook page or on instagram using #WhitneySews Ill be back next week with another new tutorial! .There is a doorway, but no door as I showed in our empty house tour. .It folds over and snaps into a nice, compact size. .Until next time, Happy Sewing!Fold the paper in half and cut along the marked curve to make sure the curve is symmetrical. . We have the best, cleanest, honest, friendly and safe locations where we service our valuable customers.We are creating jobs and revenue for cities. .BTW do you do any online shopping!?Anything purchased through that link helps me earn a small percentage to fund future Whitney Sews tutorials.Felt so good to finally check it off my to-do list!I wanted the curtain to look great from the front and back since it will be seen from both sides. .
I also wanted to focus on textures, from the textured gain loto foot 7 avec 4 doubles upholstery fabric base to pleated trims and more.
Then fold the bottom two inches of the pattern up so the shortest side measures.5 inches and cut two pocket pieces.
On one sheet measure.5 inches from the bottom (long) edge and draw a gradual curve from the bottom to the mark.5 inches. .
It was the kind of sick that leaves you with 0 energy. .
Have you made any fidget mats or fidget quilts before? .
I had never made a zipper bag with a curved top, so this was a fun project to design and make.Before the sewing tutorial actually starts I share several different leathers to give an example of how they look and feel so anyone making a bag can find the right kind of leather.Click here to get the PDF. .You can find some of my previous zipper bag tutorials here.Its an affiliate, so anything purchased through it goes to help support future Whitney Sews tutorials.I came up with a really unique bag project that I hope to share in the next few weeks and as soon as I was well enough to sew I filmed this weeks tutorial. .Then I trim it down to size before adding the binding in the last step.I tell the entire story from the start in my video here!Sew Your Stash facebook group to share the projects you are making from your stash.I focused on sewing a lot of things for my kids and projects that will help us keep our house/toys more organized. .On of our favorite yearly traditions is to attend the local Medieval Faire in the Spring. . We are proud to announce that, we have very high customer satisfaction rating.The zippers need to be at least one inch longer than the fabric width because they will need to be unzipped to keep the excess material out of the way while top stitching certain parts. .