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Some repartee suggests casino place gavinies time needs filling out.
They are retrieved but then their shirts need washing.
Sabrina makes a "tight squeeze" of an entrance.
The cast included Elspeth Gray and some non-Whitehall actors, David Knight, and Nora Nicholson who created the part of Aunt Gertrude in the original 1953 Vaudeville Theatre production."Good evening my son, been a funny sort of day, hasn't it?" he begins talking to Watt, the man on the ledge."Are you sure I didn't do anything silly?With Hylda Baker Mothers Pride bread (3 1960s Mums and Mothers Pride Go together like a boiled egg and soldiers!Again it's not too convincing, but you see Georgina gets it into her head that Parks might be the Liverpool Liquidator, a mass murderer in fact.If you like your bread and butter, Theres no other word youll utter.Bonkers is Sid's comment to that, but it gives him the idea, jotting little poems under the peeling wallpaper.Then the anachronous appearance of 78 year old musical star Ruby Miller with a Mae West type number that looks more 1930's style.
The superintendent Mr Oakes claims Flanagan is bellicose and a drunk.
No it's his double, the man Montgomery flattened, "never seen anything to equal this." The double is Sgt Harry Mork, ex-Marines, now on the run, he's gotta get to Genoa.
Then the famous decorators scene, no dialogue until the end, simple effective slapstick, Norman the butt of the mess.
Ken Morris was again featured alongside Joan Savage.
He phones his neighbour to let her know he's going away "indefinitely." Plenty of nicely executed semi-black humour as Harry is asked, any forwarding address."You can damn well pay for a new one swears Mrs Crispin.Jimmy can have Sylvia back.AH sings with Dickie Valentine, though it's more a competition.Made in Australia by ATN (Sydney) Meet Matt Monro His first hour long spectacular, he informs his audience.Hut 29 have "gone to rack and ruin and he tries to impose some discipline.Roy: So I see!On 20th August, those appearing were Gabor Baraker, John Singer, Helen Lennox, John Muir and Valerie Mitchell.Disposing of the hoover is even harder than the paper.Thora starts to worry when Harry tells her Freddie had left the pub about one o'clock.Series 4 (19 shows)- Wednesdays.15pm (some weeks there was no show as Party Political Broadcasts stupidly intruded on the schedule).1 The Footballer November 21st 1962.2 The Visit November 28th 1962 Script: Jimmy Grafton with Stanley Myers and Alan Fell; guest star Beryl.