Best in slot elemental shaman gear

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If a boss requires intense healing, begin with a Major Mana Potion when you have a deficit of 2,200 mana.One of our two CDs aside from Mana Tide Totem.Keybinds also allow a player to subconsciously react to situations with muscle memory if their keybinds are well planned out.On fights such as Maexxna a well timed The Big One can cause significant damage to the spiders that spawn before the web wrap.You can look at it this way as concrete demonstration (these values were derived from AQ40 and Naxx gear Healing Done (965 Healing (Crits would be 150) LHW r6 1378 (100 casts) CH r1 1077 (100 casts) CH r2 1181 (100 casts) CH r3 1363.
Then, depending on if the fight is over 5 minutes, use your Mana Tide Totem at 92 total mana.
Are not included it is because they are bugged on this server and do not work, it is not Classic yet, or I got drunk and forgot to update the guide.
Bracers 24 Healing, chest 100 Mana OR 4 Stats (use the latter at higher gear levels).
Addons UI: A healers UI is crucial in adapting quickly to a fluid raid environment.
Warlocks have the ability to Soulstone any healer with resurrection capabilities for wipe protection.
The spec is as follows: Endgame Resto Spec *Alternative if you are filling a unique roll you can alter your spec to pick up Enhancing Totems through a spec such as: Imp Melee Totem Resto Spec, a spec such as this allows utilizing Enhancing Totems.Note that this also does not include trinkets as they are covered in the above chart: Also note that this is not a guide on which bosses to bonus roll.Healing wave: This is your slow, big single target heal.However, short of NS HW R10, it is also your fastest heal.List as follows: Flask of the Titans Elixir of Fortitude Elixir of Greater/Superior Defense Major Trolls Blood Potion Greater Nature/Shadow/Frost/Fire Protection Potion Crystal Ward Monster Omelet (stacks with Dirges KickinChimaerock Chops) Dirges KickinChimaerok Chops Noggenfogger Elixir Magic Resistance Potion Swiftness Potion Yes, it.