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I really thought in my heart maybe this is an accident.
One "Trojan" condom wrapper and one condom "This investigation revealed what appears to be a used condom in the loto ours victim's bedroom and towels that appeared to have semen stains on them.
Testimony revealed that 2,000 of the photos were deleted but still detectable.
For the prosecutor the Brad episode showed a couple of things: that the marriage of Kathleen and Michael was anything but rock-solid and as important was the trail of e-mail messages that resulted, the trigger the state talked about.Timothy told police he had entered the bathroom only to find his wife had mysteriously drowned.And to help the jurors envision the way Kathleen may have died, the defense hired a body motion expert, to describe a likely accidental plunge.Accident or murder: which was it?Rudolf: The evidence was that when the nanny found her at eight oclock in the morning, her body was still warm.Rudolf: In your experience, was it unusual for a wife married to a bi-sexual man, to know that he was bi-sexual?Borden: I had no knowledge of that.Despite the prosecutions portrayal of Michael Peterson as a closeted bisexual, the defense argued the Petersons were an extraordinarily happy couple.Rudolf: Any of the common injuries one sees in beating deaths?Sigma Nu fraternity and was editor of, the Chronicle, the daily student newspaper, from 19641965.After asserting her fathers innocence to the cameras when he was indicted.And by then, it was just too late.
Lawyer Dave Rudolf thought hed peppered reasonable doubt all the way through the states circumstantial case.
Henry Lee, hired by the defense, testified that the blood-spatter evidence was consistent with an accidental fall down the stairs, police investigators concluded that the injuries were inconsistent with such an accident.
But we didnt find out until later that something was very wrong."Novelist convicted of first-degree murder in wife's staircase death".We believed that with this finding, a sexual act took place." -.Kathleen, she says, couldn't afford a housekeeper and wanted to move to a smaller place.But that it appeared that the scene looked suspicious and needed to be processed.Murphy: What do you think happened in their house that night?He pleaded not guilty.As for the wall, "There are some runs in that pattern, which indicate to me that a liquid was applied to that place, cleaning it completely clear of blood he testified.Soon the German police showed up and Michael Peterson explained to them what likely had happened.It was a question of relevance for the jury, which was about to get the case involving Michael Petersons dead wife.

Evidence collected from 1810 Cedar Street included Peterson's computers, pieces of wood from the stairwell, swabs of blood, condoms and an item labeled "O.J.