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Smith Tall Bearded Symposium January Board of Directors Election AIS Business January Pacific Coasting in Iris Time Sydney.
Ellyson July Observed at Roanoke Lucille Reamey Steedman July Breeding and Propagating Louisiana Iris George Arceneaux Louisiana Iris Hybridizing July "Our Members olg casino sign in Write, No Awards Made at Rome" Mary Senni Letters to the Editor International July A Critique of Notes on Native American Iris.
Tuberosa Anita Moran Photograph July.
Norris Photograph Franklin Cook Cup Winner.Experiment Iris Plots Randolph Photograph Leaf Spot Iris Borer April B Sprayer Chapin Mfg.Dubes January The Iris Clinic Commentary January From the Editor's Desk Editor's Letter April Fibbon Round Chet Tompkins Photograph April From the President's Desk Hurbert.Lloyd Quigley, Robert Schreiner, Gerorge Shoop, Myrtle Arronson, Austin Myers" Photograph Twentieth Anniversary Portlant Oregon Club October Median Iris Society Symposium Median Iris October Irises for the New Show Garden in Switzerland Oscar.Hill Bob Hill Hybridizing correspondence between Hans.Pressey" bell Photograph New Officials of New Mexico Iris Society April Registration Report '56 "Robinson, Mrs.Stephenson Garden Review casino de st brevin 44 April Holly-Rock Gardens Jeanne.History April Of Many Things Commentary April Characteristics of Irises Culture April "Theories of Crossing, Plicata, Whites, Amoenas" Hybridizing April On Varieties varietal comments April Irises Raised or Introduced.Smith Regional Reports Region Robins' Roost Mrs.
Welsh Photograph October B Pink Seedling lady gaga canal plus grand journal poker face P-7407 Leland.
Hanson Obituary July Understanding.
Duffy Letters to the Editor January The Right Spirit - A Letter from a Member Letters to the Editor January Symposium Tall Bearded Symposium January Brevities Obituary January Iris Trials at Wisley Test Gardens January Annual Meeting Meetings January Notice AIS Business April In Memoriam.Bliss Obituary April In Memoriam -.Variegata, Welch #6" Photograph January Symposium Symposium January Fiesta Phoenix - Medians 1987 Jean Morris Median Iris January Irises with Alpines in the Rock Garden Leo Blanchette Garden Review varietal comments January International News Jennifer Hewitt International British Iris Society 65th Anniversary January British Iris.Fishburn Financial January Reports of the Regional Vice-Presidents Regional Reports January At Home with Prof.Norris Photograph 2011 AIS Convention October The Gardens at Hetley Park Stephanie Markham Garden Reports 2011 AIS Convention October C Dream Team Kelly.Peckham Regional Reports October Middle Atlantic Recommends Varieties.Earl Fraser, Jayne Overholser, Herbert Sherrod, Ben Hager, Joe Brinkerhoff" Photograph July B Gold Trimmings Photograph July B Vanity Photograph July B Bride's Halo Photograph July B Steve Varner Photograph Cherry Garden July B "Frank Stephens, Lucille Miller, Ellene Rockwell, Calvin Helsley, Ed Holloway" Photograph.April AIS Symposium - 1952 List of Addl 50 Tall Bearded Symposium April Official List of Accredited Judges All regions April Report of the Registrar '50-51 Supplement Registrations/Introductions April Report of the Registrar 1952 Registrations/Introductions April Released Names Fenn Robinson Registrations/Introductions April Handbook for Judges.Nelson Louisiana Iris Varietal Comments October Bayou Sunset Wins Debaillon Award Sam.Essig Garden Reports October California Notes Mrs.Hugo Wall President's Letter April From the Guest Editors of this Issue Ira and Betty Wood Editor's Letter April.Corcoran October Our Members Write.Harry Esty Dounce Commentary January Scoring and Rating New Irises.Longley Scientific October Root Growth in Iris.

Hall - an appreciation Ferris.
Gersdorff Registrations Introductions December Introductions for 1933.
Long Photograph Convention Chairman July B "John.