Lyrics jackpot block b

lyrics jackpot block b

Becah AJ T's on the mic and cage a poule sur roulette dat (Mic).
So you can see the gold glow when the sun shine.
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Recent jobs, browse all job listings, copyright 2019 by m, a division of Postmedia Network Inc.Damn, bitch, let me live, i wanna be a baller, hit the mall, ring it all.I do it cause I can, African American.All my haters looking vexed 'cause Im up now (Vexed).Said bubble, vibes and dat (Vibes cruise like a 4-wheel drive and dat.They never wanted us to have bands.Put Pirellis on stocks, I don't want no rims.Do you hear what I'm saying?Cause these niggas ain't shit Turned down since the cash came Oh, fuck that, heard shots then we bust back (bang) Bullet proof everything, you can trust that You done it like we done it, I suggest that (why?) Cause would you rather be the.
I bet you your bitch with it, she come through she gon' get it This is nothing personal, now why would this be hurting you?
She wanna trip when I dip.
AJ Tracey: Watch the sun now, had a likkle beef but its done now (It's done).Tens, twenties, fifties, hundreds, bitch, I'm NH 600, i want an all black Benz without no tints.Want a big stash spot to put this four-five.Frank yochim, belated condolences to your family Marvin.I said bubble (Bubble vibes and dat (Vibes cruise like a 4-wheel drive and dat (Drive).Diamonds on my wrist, on my neck and other wrist.I cant believe it's been 8 yrs since you left.I wanna be the motherfuckin' man, tens, twenties, fifties, hundreds, bitch, I'm NH 600.Hit the strip club, we make a mess, she clean it all.Ricki Wayne (Rick) birn, so very sorry to hear about Rick, please call if you need help Tina any time.AJ Tracey live and direct (Who?).I wanna blow some bands, and still have some bands.Cause that's where I hide all my shit.

Got damn, look at this, oh, she want a kid?