Parfum baccarat

parfum baccarat

I've tried all the MFK house's offerings and almost none of them move.
All pleasant odors that smell good and invoke warm memories, but far from a antoine saout pokerstars traditional applied perfume or cologne.
(still can't get over it btw, a actual candy floss scent xDDD ).
But it's still a great scent.I typically wear Aventus, Sauvage, Invictus Intense, some popular clones, etc, so I was weary about a uni-sex scent.Baccarat vs Lalique may also be of use if you are interested in such closely related search terms as lalique.Baccarat, rouge 540 Hair Mist by Maison Francis Kurkdjian.Sillage is subtle, it doesn't hit you like a hammer, yet powerful that it will fill a small room in no time.With that said, I do like the way it smells and I have not heard a negative comment about.The sweetness also elevates the subtle Amber note that's blended so well in here, it's a million miles superior I feel to the terribly annoying camphor and clove party of 'Grand Soir or rather for me, Band (-aid) soir.As a masculine guy, I wasn't sure about this one.But no; this is, Cotton Candy.There's no intrusive floral nectar here or thick, mushy tuberose 'ghost note' that turns this into Female make-up bag territory or that annoying 'Minimalist, almost ward-like cleanliness' of so many other MFK scents, depending on the above accord.Baccarat, rouge 540 Extrait by Maison Francis Kurkdjian.It's so comforting, yet at the same time the sheer sweetness at the start has a true purity.The only thing to moan about now is that plain, stupid price-tag!But after the crashing disappointment of Acqua-E, I've finally found my bottled sugar fix.No reviews for this yet.This is like you're at a fair, stuffing your face in good, proper Candy floss!
Initially, I didn't think it really fit.
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As a guy's guy, is this a scent I want to wear?
But then, there's this one.It's less of a traditional fragrance which might have a spicy or a musky scent that people automatically think "applied fragrance worn to smell good but rather it smells like someone was working in the kitchen making delicious caramelized apples, cooking down sugar, wiping.I was after some of the more 'resinous' tones the Note graphic says too, and the Lady in Selfriges mentioned Sandalwood, but sadly, little to none of these.Camellia Body Bath Oil by Aroma.Totally White by Parle Moi.And I'm still not 100 sold on it being 'me'.So in that regard, this scent is totally unique and something the person next to you will not be wearing.Just having a great time somewhere.It's casino machine a sous nimes very hard to describe over the internet, although think caramelized or slightly burnt sugar.

Baccarat, rouge 540 Body Cream.
There are flaws for me ofc; the over-simplicity (as MFK does the note (not sure which one it is) that can sometimes give that 'hospital ward' vibe to a few, the total lack of progression in this 200 wallet-melter that really, I should be scoring.