Poke a balloon without popping it

poke a balloon without popping it

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Can we insert a jeux ou on peut gagner de l'argent needle in a balloon without popping it?
With a little scientific knowledge about polymers, youll be able to perform a seemingly impossible taskpierce a balloon with a wooden skewer without popping.Lets do it again, but this time youll see the hidden stress in a balloon.4, place the sharpened tip of the skewer on the thick end of the balloon and push the skewer into the balloon.A rubber balloon is made up a chain of molecules called polymers.You are here: Home experiments / Balloon Skewer, learn how to pierce a balloon without popping it, thanks to polymers!Just use gentle pressure (and maybe a little twisting motion) to puncture the balloon.As you probably guess, either liquid works well as a lubricant.Of course, the air will leak out of the balloon, but the balloon wont pop.Sick Science is a registered trademark of Steve Spangler, Inc.Be careful not to jab yourself or the balloon with the skewer.To think anybody could have done it, and without special props!
Everyone knows that a balloons worst fear is a sharp object.
6, gently remove the skewer from the balloon.
3, coat the wooden skewer with a few drops of vegetable oil or dish soap (being careful not to accidentally get a splinter).
The sides of the balloon, where the rubber is the most see-through, are experiencing the most stress.
Why do balloons pop?
Experiment 1, the first step is to inflate the balloon until its nearly full size and then let about one-third of the air out.
Apply a few pieces of adhesive tape here and there on the surface of the balloon.Material: A few balloons, a few pins and needles, adhesive tape.Steve Spangler Science, denver Office 7901 Southpark Plaza, Suite 106, littleton, CO 80120.Insert needles in the balloon, but only where you applied adhesive tape.8, inflate the balloon half full and tie the end.Observe the various sizes of the dots all over the balloon.This one involves a balloon, petroleum jelly and a bamboo skewer.The top and bottom of the balloon are stretched to a lesser degree.Some things in this world just dont mixdogs and cats, oil and water, needles and balloons.Suddenly piercing takes on a whole new meaning!Be sure to draw them at both ends and in the middle of the balloon.