Strat roulette r6 list

strat roulette r6 list

Inferno T Couch Potatoes by /u/DuongC You must find a couch and stay there until the enemy comes.
All Maps T CT CS:GhOst by /u/Flexi-boot Using nothing but a USP-S, smoke and 2 flashes, make it to T spawn and attack the site T's are pushing.All Maps T CT ThePro90Freak by /u/ForceOnelol 5 man.Everyone else must do what the Dictator dictates.All Maps CT Kawaii!Dust 2 T Ladies Tactic by /u/AhoyThereSailor Rush mid, do laps of A site until everyone is dead.If you kill someone, you have to quickly roue vélo 20 pouces en cm jerk your aim in random directions as if you are ecstatic and/or a scrub.No one else can buy the SMG you buy, the pistol you buy, and the grenade you buy.All Maps T CT Retakes Only by /u/ZarnoLite Wait in spawn until the bomb is planted, then begin the round.You are not allowed to attack anyone other enemy until you kill the first one.By /u/GeneralPinhead When all of your teammates have been killed, they must continuously blow into their microphones as the remaining man tries to win the round.If someone stands up, the others must kill him.
All Maps T CT Believe by /u/fzzzzzZ 5 deagles - go Juan or go home!
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Dust 2 T Terminator by (ichigo) whyyoukillmeh Buy a nova or an XM and rush middle to CT to A site while using an Arnold Schwarzenegger voice.
Wait till the enemy team runs past and attack them!
All Maps T CT Clickity Click by /u/Desertions Play with your chin on your desk, and type voicerecord in console so your whole team hears your keyboard.By /u/Stalinerino Speak gibberish for the entire round.All Maps T CT Blitzkrieg by /u/x365 5 x tec-9's or p90's, 5 x 2 flashes, Take over any bombsite with all 10 flashes because if you're blind, they're blind.All Maps T CT Heavy Mag by Karokks You can only move when below 50 ammo left in your magazine All Maps T CT Communication Fun by Vexadros Everyone must enable 'voice_loopback 1' and can only use in-game voice to talk to other players.If you are killed after flopping, promptly plead your case to the nearby referee to card the offender by accusing the enemy player of being a hacker in chat.Inferno T Rocket by chimpoo Rush apts and jump out balcony together.The others must sing/play songs including but not limited to: 'Eye of the Tiger 'Django Unchained - The Payback or 'Another One Bites the Dust'.Mirage T Firecrackers.:TBG.By /u/wewillpop Buy only armor (mainly for pistol round) and make a congo line with glocks that goes mid into underpass into T spawn into mid and make 3 circles around the cart.