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Version.1 15-Nov-99 Changes made as follows: A bug in shared student records causing names not be saved on new records has slot magasin de décoration been fixed.
Student records now stored in Documents and SettingsApplication DataEurotalkWorldTalk if possible.
Score and counters now working Record storage now working, including question pool New clues system fully implemented.Yellow dots are more generous (one given on any score, all given on 90) Award info: Flag and logo as per main screen.Name input screen: Logo pulled in from sharedstartupwtlogo.Network security implemented as specified.ini file entries are as follows: Licence Licence0Dave Parkinson Licence121Dave Parkinson3 Park Crescent, YorkWorld Talk!20438014 where Licence0 old-style licence, with field name Licence1 new-style licence, with fields type (selects lic.Investigated, but not reproduced, were the following: Volume control gives O S D error (?) in box.More changes for WHS incorporated.Weather game center window animation fixed New weather game help.Boot program restructed T sets up some globals then chains.Volume control moved up for 640 x 480 screen.TXT then re-creating.Game J Weather written.This has required a (backwards-compatible) change in t - dont casino of the rockies cranbrook use older versions with WorldTalk.Recordings dumped when different user enters record section.Changes to what is the payout on black in roulette the data storage are as follows: sharedgamei*.pct moved to sharedgameiipics New directory sharedgameiitext contains correct-answer files (day, month).
New Sasha in record Data changes: Target/Dict/DictMisc restored (speeds up dictation menu shared/Dict/DictMisc created.
Ozzy/Sasha mouth now in the x position at the start of utterance.
Dialogue game: Mouse queue flushed after speaker sound replay.
Intermediate/mac/menu/old anims/menuanim orig n59.
Should allow names to appear in Japanese (Andrew to test please!) In addition to previous points, the mouse queue is now flushed after all help and clues.Is the loss of quality over the old version acceptable?Version.4 2-Sep-98 Changes made as follows: Bug doing first-time install on system with unknown language fixed.Icns.exe.txt 1kb.Intermediate/mac/gamea/sash people pop film 221x191 n25.Spinner selects randomly from games with lowest scores.640 x 480 operation sorted out (system clips borders symmetrically).Sharedgamej*.pct moved to sharedgamejjpics targetgameffsound*.aif moved to targetgamef Version.5 5-Feb-98 Changes made as follows: Game G Sentences written.TV Quiz: Dave comes on earlier.So double clicks on the Weather game (and elsewhere) are now.Intermediate/mac/gamec/ozzy pop up film 218x194 ani n29.Diary game: Transparency switched off on floating graphic.There is now a pause between joined up bits of Ozzy and Sasha audio.I need to know Does this solve the problem of background colour not matching?

Version.2.7 18-Feb-03 Changes made as follows: Bug where sentences game end-score was partially obscured fixed.
Start screen: Map areas extended so hand drags.