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In Remilez's "40k Theories" video on Kitten's identity, Kitten angrily asks why, if people want comment faire une roue de loterie to know what his name is, they don't just look it up, as he is the Captain-General of the Adeptus Custodes, meaning his name is in the public record and.
It should be noted, though, that while some of his other sons have died, they did so with their souls intact with the exception of Horus (the Emperor made sure that Horus could never return).Calgar seems to gave gotten them their awesomeness (possibly after the disastrous Tryanid attack) and now he's paying for.In episode nine, the Emperor refers to card-games-and-chess parties the top Magnificent Bastards of the galaxy him, Cegorach, Tzeentch, Deceiver and Creed have sometimes.Happy" : The Emperor calls his junk "The Big E "Big Ol' Bonerston and "My Giant Flaming Greatsword".Ahriman: No it wasn't, you useless rotten pile of disgraceful, warp-infested pubic hair!invoked Karamazov says it word-by-word when he sees that a (supposedly-)traitor Primarch is in the Hall of the Golden Throne.Custodisi and Whamuudes (being far from Little Kitten's professionalism) took the total of one half of a podcast (and being traumatized by Cegorach) to stop being yes men and by the end of it they are completely aware of the fact that the Emperor.
It's hard enough to be heard back in the Emperor's throne room, back in the Materium, and when Karamazov wakes up he's on the other side of the Warp.
After tossing out Cato Sicarius, he collapses, and bitterly weeps and starts saying what it is that he did, implied to have been the reason for the Ultramarines' absurdity, before being interrupted by Ventris.
Subverted when Belial points out next episode that the two Angels were indicted into the inner circle, so they were allowed to know about the Fallen, making their deaths completely unnecessary.
Short 6 is a not-so-subtle jab at pranksters, whether it's harassing people on the street, "social experiments or nominally charitable acts that are aimed more towards making the channel look good than actually helping anyone.
Cool Old Guy : Torquemada Coteaz seems to be one.
Tzeentch: A cruel, devious trickster, but he's also a force of progress, and a beacon of hope.The Cuckoolander Was Right : Rogal Dorn does raise some legitimate points about the Fridge Logic in the 40k universe.You can also see that outside Skarbrand's house is a sign that reads "Skarbrand Hates Signs." Multiple context boxes in the Brotrip Special are only on screen for a few seconds French Jerk : Cegorach, the Laughing God, has a French accent (due to his.Kitten goes nuts at the mention of the Tau.Rogal Dorn has his own agenda.Added Alliterative Appeal : Especially in the "Brotrip 40,000" episode.De productie van accus en de enorme afvalberg van die chemische rommel die later ontstaat is pas slecht voor het milieu.The Emperor tells Karamazov that he's a shard of his psyche.

Silly Rabbit, Cynicism Is for Losers!
Marneus Calgar to Cato Sicarius after a particularly stunning display of egotism and stupidity.