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Pot Odds The ratio of total size of the pot to the size of bet you must call to continue.
Dead Button Almost exclusive to tournament play, when the player to be the button next hand is eliminated, the button is moved to the empty seat, and is dead.
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Position Bet Making a bet due to your position more than the strength of your hand.Big The larger of the two blinds.3) A measure of how active a game.Put On What hand you believe your opponent to have.Action 1) A players turn to act.Door Card The first up-card dealt to each player in a stud game.Rakeback A percentage of a player's rake paid returned to that player on a weekly or monthly basis as part of an online poker site's rewards program.2) A collection of exactly 20 chips of the same denomination.Shill See Prop (2).
Bet, Raise (2-bet reraise (3-bet).
They will have their chips removed from the table when the blind reaches them.
Also known as Under the Gun.
If youre 90 to win, you have 90 of the equity.Typically you must post when first arriving as a new player to a table.Royal Cards See Face Cards.Coffee Housing A form of angling using excessive chatter to invoke an action from your opponent.2) The person physically dealing the cards.Pair Two cards of the same rank.

Case (card) A player hitting the last of any card in the deck just hit the case card.